Fire Safety in Rented or Shared Accommodation

If you live in Shared Housing or a “House In Multi Occupation” with other persons that are not in your immediate family then there are certain regulations that your landlord must adhere to ensure your safety. Attached below is a link to the very basics that you must be aware of to make sure yourContinue reading “Fire Safety in Rented or Shared Accommodation”

Fire Safety and the importance of Fire Doors in High Rise Dwellings.

In relation to the latest report regarding the findings at Grenfell. Many deaths were the result of faulty or missing Fire Doors compromising the only fire escape staircase. Also the individual flats being compromised and breached by faulty window surrounds after a refurbishment. However it is still being portrayed that a “stay put policy” isContinue reading “Fire Safety and the importance of Fire Doors in High Rise Dwellings.”